Awards Categories

1. Best in Care Clinical Award

An award to recognise the outstanding contribution of a team or individual directly involved with patient care. Think about:

  • how they may have designed new processes and pathways to improve patient journeys
  • their outstanding clinical care and the positive impact on service delivery and patient care
  • commitment to providing the best in care

2. Supporting Our Services Award

This award recognises an individual or team who work in a support service that enables the smooth running of the organisation such as finance, governance, information or operational teams. Consider:

  • how the nominee has made improvements in their area
  • how they go above and beyond to provide an excellent service to the Trust
  • how they support the strategic aims of the Trust and promote the vision and values

3. Behind the Scenes Award

From porters to PAs, cleaners to catering, the Trust employs an army of staff working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth-running of the wards and departments that provide clinical care. This award is to recognise those who consistently perform above and beyond to ensure our front-line clinical teams can provide the best in care. Consider:

  • how they support clinical teams at the Trust
  • how they demonstrate the Trust values
  • how they strive to improve service

4. Chief Executive’s Innovation Award

An award for the individual or team who best evidence/s the Trust value of innovation. Think about:

  • the benefits gained from the innovation or innovative approach
  • the evidence base on which the change was made
  • the extent to which the change in practice is outside the expectations of the individual’s or team’s role
  • advancement of technology and treatments to help patients

5. Governors’ Volunteer of the Year

An award to recognise volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to patient experience.

Does the volunteer:

  • demonstrate the Trust vision and values
  • go the ‘extra mile’ to make a positive impact for patient and visitors
  • enhance the work of clinical teams through providing additional support

6. Team of the Year Award

Awarded to a team, either clinical or non-clinical, who deliver exceptional results to either patient care or service delivery by working together as a team to achieve their goals.

Think about how the team:

  • takes collective responsibility to improve service or patient care
  • utilises the strengths of individual team members to achieve a common goal
  • demonstrates the Trust’s vision and values

7. Charity Supporter of the Year Award

This award aims to recognise those generous people who dedicate their time and effort to help the hospital charities to achieve their goal to “achieve excellence in care by assisting with advances in research, patient care and the latest innovative equipment.”


  • how the supporter made an outstanding contribution to the hospital’s Charity (including non-financial contributions)
  • how the supporter challenged themselves and achieved an ambitious goal (including non-financial)
  • how the supporter promoted the Charity via the media

8. Colleague of the Year Award

This award is voted for by staff and recognises those who go out of their way to support their colleagues on a day-to-day basis through small acts of kindness. Think of those who:

  • always ask how they can help and are always willing to lend a hand,
  • are always there with a cup of tea or a reassuring word – your ‘ray of sunshine’
  • make working with them a real pleasure

9. Training, Education and Wellbeing Award

An award to recognise individuals who demonstrate a commitment to the staff development and the wider health economy through:

  • education and training schemes
  • creating an environment of inclusion
  • developing partnerships with local enterprise, education, community groups
  • increasing awareness of health issues both internally and externally

10. Chair’s Award

A special award to be made to an employee who, in the opinion of the Chair, has made an outstanding contribution over their employment with the Trust.

Think of those who have:

  • made an exceptional contribution to their chosen field of work
  • demonstrated a strong track record over a number of years
  • made a significant impact on service users, patients, carers and/or staff

11. Excellence in Patient Care Award

An award given in recognition of truly patient-centred care, this is for an individual who has displayed exceptional compassion and dignity in caring for a patient and/or their carer. Think about:

  • why their work is worthy of recognition and the impact on the patient
  • how they demonstrate the Trust values
  • how they strive to improve service

12. Leader of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding leadership of one of our managers.

Think about someone who:

  • Inspires others and is an exceptional role model
  • Leads a highly engaged team, regularly seeking and acting on staff feedback
  • Supports others in their career development and wellbeing at work

13. Research and Development

This award recognises those who are working to deliver improvements through research and development. This could be clinical research studies or clinical trials or through the application of research to improve and develop services for patients or staff. Think about:

  • how the project/study will positively impact on understanding/knowledge
  • how the project/study will enhance technology/treatments/care and the impact of this going forward
  • the extent to which the research has exceeded expectations of the individual’s or team’s role
  • the work will have improve lives

14. Building Healthier Lives Award

This award recognises those who are working in collaboration with other organisations to deliver better care, reduce inequalities or improve access to services. This could include projects to improve care pathways with other healthcare providers, launching community-based initiatives or working towards large-scale service redesigns.

Think about:

  • what have they achieved as a result of their collaboration and partnership working
  • how will patients and/or the local community benefit from their efforts
  • what will be the ongoing impact of their work