2018 Winners

Best in Clinical Care
Good Hope: Haney Youssef and the Colorectal Team
Solihull: Paediatric Outpatients Team (all sites)
Heartlands: Cystic Fibrosis Team
QEHB: Alistair Denniston

Supporting Our Services
Good Hope: Obstetrics and Gynaecology Secretaries
Solihull: Alison Starling
Heartlands: Farzana Hussain
QEHB: David Peters

Brighter Futures
Good Hope: Leah Shreeve
Solihull: Angela Jones
Birmingham Chest Clinic: Nursing and Administration Team
QEHB: Joanne McDonagh

Governors’ Volunteer of the Year
Good Hope: Janette Lavin
Solihull: Charlotte Piddock
Heartlands: Mary Clarke
QEHB: Roy Wilkins

UHB Charity Supporter of the Year
Good Hope: Good Hope Madwives
Solihull: Florence Haslem
Heartlands: Critical Care Team
QEHB: Clarissa Greenfield

Research and Development Award
Good Hope: Infant Hip Ultrasound and Screening Service
Solihull: Solihull Acute Community Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service
Heartlands: Mark Thomas and  Acute Kidney Injury Team
QEHB: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Genetic Screening Programme

Excellence in Patient Care
Good Hope: Aimee Wright
Solihull: Lisa Dolan
Heartlands: Baljinder Singh
QEHB: Rebeckah Lawrence

Colleague of the Year
Good Hope: Lisa Smith
Solihull: Amanda Hemming
Heartlands: Maxine Tomlinson
QEHB: Talia Dewhurst

Behind the Scenes
Good Hope: Julie Shwalbe
Solihull: Rajwansh Singh
Heartlands: Teresa Mitchell
QEHB: Russell Ames and Angela Whitehouse

Training, Education and Wellbeing
Good Hope: Practice Placement Team (midwifery)
Solihull: Support to Care Home Team
Heartlands: Bethan Freestone
QEHB: Susan Nevitt and Mark McGinley

Good Hope: Georgina Lockley
Solihull: Maureen Jones
Heartlands: Dolly Spencer
QEHB: Kate Kane

Building Healthier Lives
Good Hope: Frail Ambulatory Emergency Team
Solihull: Community Diabetes Service – SOLID model
Heartlands: Bernadette Goodburn
QEHB: Occupational Therapy and Social Care Team

Chief Executive’s Innovation
Good Hope: Kate Whittock
Solihull: Teresa Quigley and the FAST team
Heartlands: Elective C-section Team
QEHB: RISP Project Team

Team of the Year Award
Good Hope: AMU
Solihull: Rapid Response Team
Heartlands: Ward 19
QEHB: Medical Physics