Heartlands Hospital Good Hope Hospital Solihull Hospital QEHB
Best in Clinical Care Award
Cystic Fibrosis Team, Ward 26Helen Hedderman, healthcare assistant, Ward 12

Steve Taylor, consultant, HIV Service

Supporting our Services Award
Abdul Ahmed, contract ICT technician, ICT

Andrea Field, lead nurse workforce (HGS), Corporate Nursing

Farzana Hussain, receptionist, Cardiology

Behind the Scenes Award
Andrew Mason, emergency equipment technician, Resuscitation Service

Kevin Miles, porter

Teresa Mitchell, housekeeper, Neonatal

Chief Executive’s Innovation Award
Elective C-section team

HECTOR project team, Emergency Department

Maternity Information System Manager Midwives (Emma Turner/Claire Jennings)

Governors’ Volunteer of the Year
Mary Clarke

Pat Green

Meet & Greet Volunteers in Main Entrance

Team of the Year Award
Ambulatory Emergency Care

Children’s Emergency Department

Ward 19, Haematology

Charity Supporter of the Year Award
Adam Winstanley, business consultant, Finance

Critical Care team

Julie Rowlands, ward manager, Ward 16

Colleague of the Year Award
Caroline Pain, bed manager, Capacity

Louise Stephens, healthcare assistant, Hyper Acute Stroke Unit

Maxine Tomlinson, lead nurse for paediatric emergency department, Emergency Department

Training, Education and Wellbeing Award
Amanda Dudley, practice educator, Neonatal

Anita Seabourne, sister, Theatres

Dr Bethan Freestone, consultant cardiologist and clinical lead, Cardiology

Chair’s Award
Dolly Spencer, administrator, Renal

Lorna Grinnell-Moore, clinical strategy manager, Improvement Team

Tracey Nash, deputy divisional head nurse, Women’s Services Division 2, Maternity

Excellence in Care Award
Baljinder Singh, ST5 doctor, Emergency Department

Pete Cockcroft, senior mortician, Mortuary

Ward 23

Brighter Futures Award
Deega Ahmed, nurse, Emergency Department

Nursing and administration team, Birmingham Chest Clinic

Research and Development Award
Lisa Shepherd, endocrine clinical nurse specialist, Diabetes and Endocrine

Mark Thomas and Acute Kidney Injury Team, Renal

Neuromuscular paediatric physiotherapist team, Therapies

Building Healthier Lives Award
Bernadette Goodburn, dietetic assistant practitioner, Therapies

Continuity of Care project, Willow Suite,

Palliative Care Team, all sites

Best in Clinical Care Award

Charlotte Poole, advanced physiotherapy practitioner, Therapy/Trauma and Orthpaedics

Diabetes Pregnancy team, Maternity

Haney Youssef and colorectal team, General Surgery

Supporting Our Services Award

Carole Clarke, healthcare assistant, Discharge Lounge

Kevin Taylor, ICT technician, ICT

Obstetrics and Gynaecology medical secretaries, Maternity

Behind the Scenes Award

Volunteer Service

Julie Shwalbe, ward clerk, Special Care Baby Unit

Chief Executive’s Innovation Award

Kate Whittock, advanced clinical practitioner, Cardiology

Ward 5 NIPE Midwives

Governor’s Volunteer of the Year

Janette Lavin

ED Volunteers (combination of Geoffrey, Ann and Jon)

Arts Volunteers

Team of the Year Award


Ward 8

Ward 24

Charity Supporter of the Year Award

Friends of Good Hope Hospital

Good Hope Madwives

Mark Chambers

Colleague of the Year Award

David Kinshuck, consultant ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology

Jill Griffiths, paediatric physiotherapist, Therapies

Lisa Smith, senior sister, Frailty Assessment Unit/Ward 21

Training, Education and Wellbeing Award

Midwife Sonographers, Maternity

Practice Placement team, Education (midwifery)

Ron Daniels, anaesthetics consultant, Anaesthesia

Chair’s Award

Georgina Lockley, healthcare assistant, Ward 2

Maggie Coleman, interim deputy divisional head of midwifery, Maternity

Sandra Tomlinson, sister, Ward 14 – Trauma and Orthopaedics

Excellence in Care Award

Amy Wright, ACP, Emergency Department

Vicky Brennan, specialist mental health midwife, maternity

Ward 21

Brighter Futures Award

Angela Birmingham, matron, emergency department

Bernadette Harris, housekeeper, Ward 2

Leah Shreeve, nurse, Ward 11 (elderly medical care)

Research and Development Award

Bowel Cancer Screening team

Infant Hip Ultrasound and Screening Service

GAU – pregnancy loss team, Gynaecology

Building Healthier Lives Award

Andrew Woodburn- Drayton, diabetes inpatient specialist nurse, Diabetes

Frail Ambulatory Emergency team, Elderly/Therapies

Midwifery team, Maternity


Best in Clinical Care Award

Mark Poyner, lead diabetes podiatrist, Community Podiatry

Maureen Wheeler, clinical nurse specialist, Heart Failure Service

Paediatric Outpatients team (all sites)

Supporting our Services Award

Alison Starling, MDT co-ordinator, Gynaecology Oncology

Chris Van Bylevelt, business support and project manager, Community Nursing

Lynn Busfield, chaplain, Chaplaincy

Behind the Scenes Award

Adult community nursing administration team

Rajwansh Singh, receptionist, Rheumatology

Tyrone Mullings, MDT coordinator, Cancer Services

Chief Executive’s Innovation Award


Kate Harms, Rapid Response lead, Community Services

Dr Teresa Quigley, elderly care consultant and OPAL/FAST team

Governors’ Volunteer of the Year

Charlotte Piddock

Ellen Irwin

Solihull Volunteers

Team of the Year

Adult Community Nursing Team

Phlebotomy Team, Ward 10

Rapid Response team, Adult Community Nursing

Charity Supporter of the Year Award

Ann Bocock, nurse, Elderly Care

Florence Haslem, domestic assistant, Ward 8

Friends of Solihull Hospital

Colleague of the Year Award

Amanda Hemming, sister, Endoscopy

Louise Blenkinsop, sister, Rheumatology

Sheela D’Souza, PA to Senior Managers Division 4 Management Team

Training, Education and Wellbeing Award

Darren Mackenzie, infection prevention and control link worker, Minor Injuries Unit

Solihull Continence team, Community Services

Support to Care Home Team, Adult community nursing

Chair’s Award

Ann Edgar, head nurse, Division 4

Haematology and Oncology Day Unit

Maureen Jones, senior sister, Ward 15

Excellence in Care Award

Belinda Keyte, community matron, Community Nursing

Joanne Stockwin, healthcare assistant, Minor Injuries Unit

Lisa Dolan, healthcare assistant, Ward 15

Brighter Futures Award

Angela Jones, speech and language therapist, Therapies

Melissa O’Reilly, trainee nursing associate, Rheumatology

Susan Crees, occupational therapist, Rheumatology

Research and Development Award

Solihull Acute Community Muscoloskelatal Physiotherapy Services, Therapies

Wards 20a Mouth Care Matters Team Champions, Elderly Care

Building Healthier Lives Award

Children’s Learning Disabilities team, Children’s Community Nursing Service

Community Diabetes Service – Solid Model

Pharmacy Community Services team, Pharmacy


Best in Clinical Care Award

Alastair Denniston, consultant ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology

Sherwin Criseno, advanced nurse practitioner/lead nurse, Endocrinology

Ward 407 Team

Supporting our Services Award

Carol Cole, P.A./administrator, Radiotherapy

David Peters, assistant project manager, Estates

Kirsty Walker, medical procurement specialist, Procurement

Behind the Scenes Award

Angela Whitehouse and Russell Ames, NEPT coordinators

Front of house, Atrium

Don Smith, porter

Chief Executive’s Innovation Award

RISP Project Team

Francesca Kinsella, clinical lecturer in haematology, Haematology

Tanya Pankhurst, consultant nephrologist, Renal

Governors’ Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer welcomers

Pauline Ewing

Roy Wilkins

Team of the Year

Discharge Pharmacy

Medical Physics

Ward 621

Charity Supporter of the Year

Clarissa Greenfield , community fundraiser

Liam Herbert and Helen Woodman, specialist paediatric therapy radiographers, Radiography

Parbinder Kaur, senior auxiliary nurse, Ophthalmology

Colleague of the Year

Joshua Hendrie, Ward 412

Rebecca Hayward, nurse, Ward 303

Talia Dewhurst, eye clinic liaison officer, Ophthalmology

Training, Education and Wellbeing Award

David Swannick, clinical educator and Tom Hawthorne, charge nurse, Emergency Department

Naomi Dean, Anthony Nolan post-transplant clinical nurse specialist, Haematology

Susan Nevitt and Mark McGinley, mental health liaison nurses, Mental Health CDU

Chair’s Award

Dr Kate Kane, consultant physician, Gastroenterology

Heather Orr and Babs Ramcharn, senior sister and staff nurse, Critical Care/ITU B

Paul Cole, business support manager, Therapy

Excellence in Patient Care

Dougall McCorry, consultant, Neurosciences

Rebekah Lawrence, healthcare assistant, Ward 518

Sally Glover, physiotherapy – clinical specialist, Neurosciences

Brighter Futures Award

Dawn Price, clinical technician, Ward 625

Emergency Department healthcare assistants

Joanne McDonagh, clinical nurse specialist, Hepatology

Research and Development Award

West Midlands Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Genetic Screening Programme

IQUIP Development R&D /Ops Collaborative Work, Research and Development

Rachel Hornabrook, Genomics project nurse manager, Research and Development

Building Healthier Lives Award

Occupational Therapy and Social Care Facilitator Team

Safeguarding Team





All nominations

Heartlands Hospital Good Hope Hospital Solihull Hospital QEHB
Aaron Duggan

Abdul Ahmed

Amanda Dudley

Ambulatory Emergency Care


Andrea Field

Andrew Mason

Anita Seabourne

Anticoagulation Team

Baljinder Singh

Barbara Dovaston

Bernadette Goodburn

Bethan Freestone

Beverley Fleming

Beverley Spencer

Bhuvan Kishore

Birmingham Chest Clinic Nursing and Administration team

Blessings Chizola

Brenda Taylor, Amee-Denyer Smith, Emma Tonks

Cardiology Secretary Team

Cardiovascular Radiographers

Caroline Pain

Cedar Ward

Charlie Spencer

Cheryl Rowe

Children’s Emergency Department – Nursing Team

Clinical and Critical Care Outreach

Communications Team – Project 2019

Critical Care Outreach

Critical Care Team

Cystic Fibrosis team

Cystic Fibrosis Team

Danika Simkins

David Ehrlich

David Ehrlich – optometrist


Deega Ahmed

Delivery Suite

Delivery Suite Staff

Dialysis Unit Managers and Ward 3 Manager – Renal

Division 5 Nursing Teams

Divison 4 management team

Dolly Spencer

Donna Colledge

Elderly Care Therapy teams – cross-site team across HGS

Elective caesarean section team

Endocrine nurses

Endocrine Nurses

Endocrine Nurses

Endocrine nurses

Endoscopy Booking Team

Endoscopy Team

Endoscopy Team

Farzana Hussain

Farzana Hussain

Fiona Green

Frail Ambulatory Emergency care Team (FAEC)

GAU staff

Geraldine Burge

Gill Tomlinson

Grainne Clarke

Hannah Carroll


Hayley Clifford and the Immunology Infusion Team

Heartlands Delivery Suite

Heath Team


Helen Domanski

Helen Hedderman

HGS Radiofrequency Ablation Team

The elective C-section Theatre Team

Jackie Robinson

Jacqueline Conaty

Jajinda Dhanda

Jameila Wazeem

Jan Goundry

Jane Wallace and Melissa Holding – trauma coordinators

Janet Hewson

Janette Cross

Janine Thompson

Jayne Jones

Jean Devenney and HGS HR Team

Jean Hudson

Joanne Boyle

Joanne Boyle

John Campbell

Joselle Wright

Julie Smith

Julie Williams

Karen Barclay

Karen Walker

Kevin Miles

Laura Battle

Linda Ingram

Linda Taylor

Linzie Bassett

Lisa Shepherd

Lorna Grinnell-Moore

Louise Mitchell

Louise Stephens

Luke Sherlock

Mandy King

Margaret Pritchard

Marion Palmer

Mark Thomas and Acute Kidney Injury team

Mary Clarke

Mary Mannion

Maternity Information System Manager Midwives

Matt Kear

Maureen Thompson

Maxine Tomlinson

Meet & Greet Volunteers

Melanie Sheppard

Michelle Clarke

Midwifery Led Care Continuity of Care and carer project

Midwives Lauren and Kirsty

Monica Haines

Multiprofessional Obstetric Theatre Team

Neonatal Community  Outreach Team (NCOT)

Neonatal team

Neuromuscular Paediatric Physiotherapy Team

Nichola Kay and Vanessa Hopkins

Nicole Garry

Obstetric and Gynae PAs

Obstetric Theatre Team

Olga Tucker

Paediatric High Dependancy unit

Paediatric Immunology & Allergy Clinical Nurse Specialists

Paediatric Physiotherapy Team

Paediatric staff-ward 14 & 16

Palliative Care Team & Macmillan Therapy Team

Pat Green

Paul Bagshaw

Paul Crowe & Arul Ganeshan

Pete Cockcroft

Pin Nguyen

Pratima Gupta

Radiology Administration Team

Romeo Tampescu

Ronnie Smith

Samantha Samuels

Sandra Close

Sarah Watson

Senior Sisters Elderly Care Div 4 BHH and SH

Sharon Rogers

Sian Averill

Stephanie Maher

Steve Taylor

Sue Chippendale

Sue Hannon

Surgical Admissions Lounge

Surgical Flow Coordinators

Susan Madden

Tania Boddey

Teresa Mitchell

The service coordinators

Theresa Clarke

Tim Graham & Alistair Williamson

Tracey Nash

Urmila Parmar

Vicki Barratt

Violet Wilson

Volunteer Service

Wanda Morgan , Pin Nguyen and Theresa Clarke

Ward 10

Ward 16

Ward 19 nursing team

Ward 21

Ward 23

Ward 29

Ward 30

Ward/clinic clerks Gyanecology


Adeel Ghias

AMU Team

Amy Wright

Andrew Woodburn Drayton

Angela Birmingham

Bernadette Harris

Bowel Cancer Screening Team

Carole Clarke

Charlotte Poole

Colposcopy Service at HGS

Community midwives (all sites)

David Kinshuck

Diabetes Pregnancy Team

Emma Briggs

Endoscopy Team

Frail Ambulatory Emergency Care Team

Frailty Assessment Team

Georgina Lockley

Good Hope Madwives- Good Hope Maternity Team

Good Hope Obstetrics and Gynaecology Medical Secretaries Team

Gynaecology Outpatients Department

Haney Youssef and the Colorectal Team

Helen Neads

IBD Team cross site


Infant Hip Ultrasound and Screening Service

Jane Groves

Jason Moseley

Jill Griffith

John Turnbull

Julie Shwalbe

Kate Whittock

Leah Shreeve

Louise Thompson

Louise Wilson and ward 2 staff at GHH

Maggie Coleman

Matron Amanda Gillion

Midwife Sonographers Maternity Assessment Centre , Good Hope

Midwifery team, Ward 5

Paediatric Emergency Department Team

Practice Placement Team (HGS) – All sites

Ramesh Prabhu

Ramesh Sivaraj

Ron Daniels

Sandra Tomlinson

Senior Sister Lisa Smith

Susan Micklewright

Vicky Brennan

Volunteer Service

Ward 24 Nursing

Ward 5 Good Hope Hospital

Ward 5 Postnatal Ward NIPE  Midwives

Ward 5 Team

Ward 7 Nursing Team

Ward 7

Ward 8

Ward 9


Administration team, Solihull Adult Community Nursing

Adult Community Nursing

Alison Starling

Amanda Hemming

Ambulatory Care Team

AMU Short Stay

Angela Jones

Ann Bocock

Ann Edgar

Belinda Keyte

Charlotte Piddock

Children’s Community Nursing Team

Children’s Learning Disabilities Team

Chris Van Bylevelt

Community Continence Team

Community Spinal Triage Team (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists)

Darren Mackenzie

Ellen Irwin

Endoscopy Team

Florence Haslem

Ginnie Banta

HGS Catering Services Team

Jackie O’Sullivan

Jane Hepple and Robert Wears

Janina McMahon and Pauline Scialdone

Joanne Stockwin

Kate Harms

Lisa Dolan

Louise Blenkinsop

Lucy Henderson

Lynn Busfield

Mark Poyner

Maureen Jones

Maureen Wheeler

Melissa O’Reilly

Paediatric Team

Paula Bennett

Pharmacy Community Services Team

Phlebotomy team

Rachel Yeates

Rajwansh Singh

Rapid Response Team

Rheumatology Nursing Team

Rheumatology Occupational Therapy Team

Sheela D’Souza

Site Teams  (all sites)

Solihull Community Continence Team

Solihull Community Diabetes Service – SOLID Model

Solihull Haematology and Oncology Day Unit

Solihull Haematology & Chemotherapy Unit Staff

Solihull Volunteers

Susan Crees

Support to Care Home Team

Teresa Quigley and the FAST/OPAL Team

Tracey Wyatt

Tyrone Mullings

Volunteer Service

Ward 20

Ward 20a Mouth Care Matters Team Champions – Gina Powell and Tricia Davis

Ward 20B


Abigail Evans

Afua Sarkodie

Alessandro Paluzzi

Ali Shah

Alison Ghazanfar

Alistair Denniston

Amanda Coles

Amanda Downes

Andrew Kay and the Neurology Team

Angela Mather-Crane

Angela Whitehouse and Russell Ames

Ann Sheedy

Ann Williams

Anticoagulant Team

Atrium Reception Team

Baskaran Subramaniam

Benjamin Bardell

Berni Clews-Brazier

Bridie Rowbotham

Carmel Dorricott

Carol Cole

Carole Cole

Catharine Prest

Catia Guerreiro

Centre for Rare Diseases Nursing/HCA team

Centre for Rare Diseases Team


Charles Craddock

Charlotte Perry

Charlotte Symmons

Chemotherapy Nurses (ward 621)

Claire Hazell

Claire Lynch

Claire McKenzie

Clarissa Greenfield

Clinical Centre for Haematology

Clive Whittaker

Colorectal Nursing Team

Colorectal Team (Stoma)

Craig Tiltman

Daniellea David

Darren Cleary

Dave Watson

David Chance

David Harrison

David Peters

David Swannick

David Swannick and Tom Hawthorne

Dawn Price

Debra Balderson

Discharge Pharmacy

Domenico Pagano and team

Don Smith

Dorothy Williams

Dougall McCorry

EBME (medical engineers)/Amanda Hill

Edgbaston Ward

Education Centre Booking Team

Education Team (Emergency Department)

Edward Woolley

Ellen Lang

Endocrinology Secretarial Team

Faye O’Reilly

Francesca Kinsella

Francesca Morris

Gary Middleton

Gideon Hirschfield

Gordon Evans

Grant Carroll

Guy Burkill

Haden Smith

Hanna Alton

Hannah Woolley and Sean Barker

Hayder Hussein

Head and Neck Cancer Dietitians

Health Advisers – Umbrella Sexual Health

Healthcare Assistants – Emergency Department

Heather Orr and Babs Ramcharn

Helen Woodall

Ilizarov Physiotherapy Team

Ilizorov Frame Class

Imaging Department

Inpatient Neuroscience Wards Nursing Teams

IT Technical Services Team

Jackie Wills

Jackie Wills, Bernie Shorthall, Carousel Gabaya, Molly Anderson and Katie Barnes (Renal Nursing Assistants)

Jacqui Orpe

Jade Scrivens

Jamie Smith

Jane Herbert

Jatinder Kalsi

Jessica Wright

Jo Thorpe

Joanna Gray

Joanne Bubb

Joanne Hayes

Joanne McDonagh

John Roberts and Dharmachari Mahasiddhi

Joshua Hendrie

Julie Blackmore

Julie Clarke

Julie Dutch

June Jones

June Sargeant

Karen Biles

Karl Stevens

Karl Sutherland

Kate Gee

Kate Kane

Kate Rogers

Kathryn Adams

Katie Holland

Kiranjeet Kaur

Kirsty Holl

Kirsty Martin

Kirsty Walker

Laura Marley

Leisa Adams

Leonie Hampton

Liver Care Team

Liver Dietetic Team

Liver Team

Liver Transplant Coordinators

Louis Clarke

Louise Robertson

Main Theatre 14 Team

Maria Porter and Julma Valdez

Mark Plant

Marta Nascimento

Maxillofacial Nurses/ENT Nurses

Maxine Thompson

Melissa Heathcock

Michele Butler

Mitchell Murphy

Mohammed Nasir

Molly Sheldon

Mr Irving, James Baden, Demetrius Evriviades, Sally Glover

Naomi Dean

Nazama Bi

Nicky Beaumont

Non-Patient Transport – Chris Connolly and David Roberts

Norman Power Healthcare Assistants

Norman Power team

Nurses in the West Midlands Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Genetic Screening Programme

Nursing staff on YPU

Occupational Therapy Team and Social Care Facilitator team

Ophthalmology Staff

Paige Snow


Parbinder Kaur

Patricia Hicks

Patrick Cleal

Paul Cole

Pauline Ewing

Peter Bache

Philip Carlin

Philip Haines

Philippa Bridgeman

Pre-assessment team

Print room staff; Steve Elder, Adam Reading, Waqaar Ahmad

QEHB Oxygen Service

QEHB Safeguarding Team

Rachel Hornabrook

Rachel Moeini

Rebecca Brown and Maria Rogers

Rebecca Flynn

Rebecca Hayward

Rebecca Whitfield

Rebeckah Lawrence

Red2Green Project Team

Renal Infusion Suite

Renal Outpatient Team and Transplant Coordinators

Renal Outpatient ANPs

Renal Outpatients Clerks

Renal Team  – doctors and nurses

Renal Transplant Team

Richard Delany

RISP Project Team

Robert Carmichael

Roy Wilkins

Ruby, Jacqueline, Helena and Dave Waldron

Rui Miguel Sousa de Abreu

Sabrina Burke

Sai Kolli

Sally Glover

Samantha Jones

Sandip Ghosh

Sarah Bowater and Nicky Pope

Sarah Carmalt

Sarah Codling

Sarah Coldicott

Sepsis Team (nursing & medical)

Shahzada Ahmed

Sharon Horsman

Sharon Rees

Sharp Team

Shenika Wallace and Jacqueline Brown

Sherwin Criseno

Sinead Coogan

Sinead Walsh

Siobhan Lydon

Sophia Byfield

Spencer Hampton

Steve Evans

Steve Stringer

Steve Sturman

Steve Webb

Stevie Peak and Leah Grindrod

Stroke Nurse Practitioners

Sue Evans and Jane Dalloway

Sue Hewins

Suhail Anwar

Supportive and Palliative Care Team

Susan Nevitt and Mark McGinley

Talia Dewhurst

Tanya Pankhurst

Teresa Murphy

Terry Rea

Thamara Perera

The staff on 625 and Haemotology unit staff

Tina Smith

Tony Kavanagh

Tracy Dolan and Penny Ryan

Tracy Parry

Uveitis and Retina team

Verity Furniss

Veronica Ridley

Vijaya Ganesh

Vivienne Owens


Ward 303

Ward 407

Ward 408

Ward 410 healthcare assistant team

Ward 513

Ward 621

Ward 625

Ward 726

Wayne Poppleton

X-Ray department

Yasmine Harding